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Application form is free of cost. The form to be filled up in capital letters only.

RCS TECHNO broadband services are available only for RCS TECHNO customers.

Subject to the acceptance of the application and technical feasibility RCS TECHNO will endeavor to provide the Broadband Service as soon as possible.

The data rates shown as down streams or upstream is applicable only to last mile. However RCS TECHNO does not hold responsibility for lesser download or upload data rates caused by the accessed website status or the international gateway or the media.

Customers are free to choose their own Modem of approved models.

All IP addresses assigned will be dynamic.

Shifting of Prepaid Broadband connection subject to the technical feasibility would be done on payment of the applicable shifting charges.

Home users will be able to connect only one computer to the Modem. In case of business users, it would be possible to connect more than one computer depending on the plan opted for.

The subscriber is required to fully comply with the provisions of the Indian Telegraph Act 1885, Indian Telegraph Rules and the Information Technology Act 2000 made there under and any amendments or replacements made there to from time to time.

No migration is allowed to the lower tariff plan till the expiry of the committed period in case of Prepaid Broadband service.

Prepaid Broadband Services And Payments

In case of Customer owned modem, only installation charges shall be applicable.

If charger is damage by any reason then YouGet is not Responsible for that damage.

The following charges are payable at the time of application:

Modem charges (as Applicable)

Installation charges(Non Refundable)

Registration charges(Non Refundable)


RCS TECHNO reserves the right to disconnect the service to any customer in case there is sufficient evidence of the customer intentionally or unintentionally using the service in a manner which would adversely impact RCS TECHNO or RCS TECHNO’s Network.

The customer shall be responsible for using the service only for Legal and appropriate purposes.

RCS TECHNO reserves the right to terminate the services in the event of non-payment of bills preferred by RCS TECHNO in accordance with the tariff plans opted by the customer and the extent of usage or any default on the part of customers.


RCS TECHNO will exercise all reasonable care in providing its services, but it is not responsible for interruption/service due to power failures, equipment malfunctions, or acts of natural calamity.RCS TECHNO is not responsible for subscriber’s computer hardware and software or areas of the Internet not under its control. RCS TECHNO does not warrant privacy, security, or efficiency of the Internet.

RCS TECHNO is not responsible for actions taken by its customers or others as a result of its services

RCS TECHNO is not responsible for material any person (including household members of the subscriber) may receive or transmit via the Internet, or for anything bought or sold via the Internet, or for any other result of an action taken by anyone using its service.

Broadband connection will be provided subject to technical feasibility. RCS TECHNO will not be held responsible in case service is denied on this ground.

RCS TECHNO will not be responsible for non-use of prepaid Broadband account if line is down or suspended for any reason. No concession shall be admissible to the prepaid account.

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